I'm a product designer who loves to create using code.

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How do you hire the right people at scale? A platform for identifying star talent using 33 second video pitches.

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Capture the best ideas and increase employee agency with a digital suggestion box for mid-sized enterprises. A product design and front-end development project.

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Nectr Technologies

Using Bitcoin to create better financial services. A full scale platform design, app design and development, api architecture, and branding project.

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Design Starts

Helping designers find work. Using IFTTT and Zapier to prototype a simple real world service.

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Make every moment count. Scratching an itch and designing and developing an MVP that makes it easier for friends to get together.

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Zodiac Dodge

Creating a simple app for all ages with fun in mind. Designing, developing, and managing a mobile game studio project for the first time.

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